Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cosy Meal & Gin (06.05.15)

Always drink Gin on your day off, went for a meal today at Cosy Club.
I've always really liked their food and now their Gin!
They have the weirdest decor in there haha like, everything is really random; on the other wall they had fucking butterflies mate. 

But after we had a little wander around town, there's these weird little grass patches around Bath, I have no idea why but I really like them. 
Summer weather's gone and it's miserable again...


1. Candlesss 2. gin #1 
3. gin #2 4. It was a two gin lunch 
5. Bath's beautiful buildings 6. Weird restaurant decorations (: 
7. Pretty table set up 8. The boy shaving and me creeping 
9. What are these grass patches, they're everywhere on bath 10. New docs

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