Monday, 27 April 2015

Hidden Gardens (26.04.15)

Of course the one day I go walking it's the least sunny day of the week...
Sunday = funday, which means finding some cute hidden gardens and a few cheeky drinks.

Bath in summer is gorgeous...

1. Beautiful white lilies the boy bought me ^.^ 2. fluffy morning hair
3. the archway to my door 4. my tiny out of focus feet
5. pretty buildings 6. the boys go at photography 
7. soooo many pretty houses in Bath 8. boy's obsessed with signs
9. my awkward walk? 10. dandelions :3 
11. We crashed a golf course 12. LOTR style pathway haha
13. concentrating on my wish obviously 14. cute little allotments
15. beautiful foliage 16. a flower for the man 
17. tiny secret garden 18. tiny secret garden #2
19. enjoying his drink 20. shiny Aspyall tap 
21. drink #1: Kraken & coke 22. drink #2: Bloom & Lemonade 

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