Monday, 29 December 2014

Instamax 8 ♡

You should always buy yourself a christmas present. Always. So this year I've treated myself to a Fujifim Instmax 8 and how cuuuute is it?

I bought the bundle deal off Amazon where you get 20 shots included which is a good idea if you want one because you will go through film like nothing else.

I went for white because it looks the nicest, I think the pastel colours can make it look sort of like a toy. 

It has automatic flash setting which is a bit annoying when you're outside and it thinks you're inside! But it's a great little camera and I can't wait to share the pictures from it.
I already took a couple of snaps from my garden. 
I feel like a gremlin today too, haha nevermind...I go back to Bath tomorrow anyway, it's been nice being home for a few days though, now I'm getting restless. 


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