Monday, 29 December 2014

Instamax 8 ♡

You should always buy yourself a christmas present. Always. So this year I've treated myself to a Fujifim Instmax 8 and how cuuuute is it?

I bought the bundle deal off Amazon where you get 20 shots included which is a good idea if you want one because you will go through film like nothing else.

I went for white because it looks the nicest, I think the pastel colours can make it look sort of like a toy. 

It has automatic flash setting which is a bit annoying when you're outside and it thinks you're inside! But it's a great little camera and I can't wait to share the pictures from it.
I already took a couple of snaps from my garden. 
I feel like a gremlin today too, haha nevermind...I go back to Bath tomorrow anyway, it's been nice being home for a few days though, now I'm getting restless. 


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer & Micro-Blur Review

You know how you go through phases of being obsessed with something? I am now completely obsessed with skincare. I've always been super lazy with my skincare. I know, it's really important blah blah blah but if you're coming home at 4am most days like I am, then my skin's lucky if I take last nights make up off.

Now a Kiehl's has opened a store in my city HOW CAN I RESIST. HOWWWW. 
I was left alone in this store for literally 10 minutes and I cracked. 
It's crazy to think Kiehl's started 150 years ago and still keeping up with modern skin needs. 

Skin Rescuer £29.50 75ml

This little cream is supposed to minimise the appearance of stressed and tired skin. It's labelled as a 'daily hydrator' which I think is fancy talk for moisturiser. 
My skin is often under a lot of stress under a daily basis. Not going to lie; I'm not really sure what skin fatigue looks like but my skin definitely looks healthier and has a nice sheen to it. 

It feels a little thin when it comes out, you could probably get away with one generous pump for the whole face. It smells amazzzzzzing though, like a floral suncream. 
I will say it didn't make my skin feel any softer. It's more to do with how your skin looks than how it feels. For £30 a pop I'd like it to do something to the feel of skin. It's thin texture is nice though, it sinks in easy and doesn't leave you with greasy fingers. 

Micro-Blur £23.00 30ml

This is 100% the most expensive thing I have ever bought compared to how much you get. I regret not testing it in store and just picking it up. I pulled it out the box and wow it doesn't even feel full. (Although it obviously was)
It minimises pores and claims to improve your skins quality in the long run. It reminds me of Benefit's porefessional. It comes out a nude but then blends in. It has the same, almost chalky feel when rubbed in. It doesn't mattify the skin at all though, which professional does. 

All in all I am in love with Kiehl's products but their prices do require a bit of thought and testing. To make sure you're really getting your money's worth. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

🔥 Fire Eyes 🔥

Evening lovelies, summer is here and it makes taking pictures in the evening better ^.^
Just a look I knocked up that I think I might turn into a cosplay haha don't know who yet though...
I think it makes me look like a fire princess hehehe

I also really enjoy mac's play land collection (some items featured in this look!) 
I'll be back posting regularly in a few days as weekends are a bit hectic for me work-wise.

and of course there's always a blooper at the end! 
Peace and Love ✌︎ 

Monday, 3 February 2014

What I've Been up to: January

Always a fry up for monday morning//Pwetty lights in a restaurant/The latest Kurt Geiger babies//
the bag my boyfriend found oh so hilarious//tin man//H&M gold dust//Honey & Lemon tea for the soul//makeup selfie//pre-drinks with style//splurgesplurgesplurge//some light reading//cute bear on the new bear at work//best little gift bag ever!//new hair selfie looking like the dark lord himself//winter essentials//looking fucking miserable at work! 

That's my January pretty much summed up! Work, drink, spend and repeat! February is looking to be uber busy as well so I can't wait for a month off...

JoKeSsssss that's never happening! 

Happy February! 

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