Thursday, 24 January 2013

What I've Been Up pictures!

I love 'follow me around' style videos and like a day in the life so I've translated it into a blog post (:
(It's basically what I've been up to lately in pictures) 

Partied on a boat in Bristol (;

The best scent in the world, just bury me alive with these please

woooooops! Bye paycheck! 

Products for my everyday makeup, crazzzzzy 

Oh baby

Current reading list! Nat too shabby from someone who graduated off my course (;

These came to £87.50! Oh Mac, what are you like?



  1. Oh no, it's my payday on Monday and I can see a spending spree coming! I adore mac, are there brushes good? I haven't used them, I normally stick with Estee Lauder! Would you recomend them?

    I have that Yankee Candle too, I love it! I have so many, they are lush!

    Lots of love, Catherine x

    1. Yes I would say they are the best quality but they are expensive! In my experience they last the longest!

      Haha I would love to see a post on your favourite ones (:



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