Monday, 21 January 2013

Alpha Dog OOTD + New hair!

Merry Monday! Uni was cancelled this morning. 
England gets a flake of snow and BAM everything goes to shit! 
None of the buses were running or anything, so stupid! 
Saying that I'd be a bit pissed if I died on a bus on the way to a 9am seminar -.-
Here's what I was going to wear but decided to book another tattoo instead (; As you can see my hair is short! Haha I didn't get it cut per say... just got the ol' extensions taken out.
Boy did I feel bald with 90g less hair on my head! 
I am quite liking the lack of effort my natural hair takes! No more blending hair for me :D

And yessssss the roots are gone! I keep saying I'm gonna let them grow out but I just can not tear myself away from the blonde!

Cardigan - New Look 
Shirt - H&M 
Necklace - Gift 
(Leggings and Tights together)
Wedges - Office
Bracelets & Rings - New Look
Nail Polish - [Barry M] Blue Moon
HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE SHOES? I have been looking for some wedges like these for months and I finally got some in the Office sale for £20 (;
Surprisingly easy to walk in as well and not painful at all! 

Have a good Monday! Try not to fall over (;



  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! Looked through lots of your posts and your style is so nice! Love your whole blog!
    Becca xxx


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