Tuesday, 26 November 2013

BornPrettyStore Review + OOTD

Well shit, it's been a while! I've had a rough few months and some horrible things happen but I'm finally back.
A little while ago I received a gorrrrrrrrgeous watch from Bornprettystore.com 
They sell absolutely everything a girl could want from eyelashes to watches to stationary and even contact lenses! 
The shipping was so fast considering and the watch itself arrived in the cutest little box with extra padding so as to keep it safe. 

This is the watch I chose;

Friday, 26 July 2013

Black Playsuit OOTD

I hate summer, I make no qualms about it either. I'm a winter girl through and through. Buuuuuut doesn't mean I don't appreciate it when it's here! I do like being tanned though, there is no happy medium with me! Always so difficult :P 
I am also not a sandal person. I'd rather die than take off my boots! 

M A R D Y 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Drag Night Out! FOTD/N

Waddup? Quick little filler blog post while I sort myself out haha! 
Tonight I'm going to the opening of my friends new club night, it's drag themed which makes me excitedddddddd!
I love Drag makeup and being able to get away with wearing all the makeup I own and go out half naked and be free! 
Free from societal oppression! 

Here's what I decided to go with, nothing too dramatic actually;

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's a Long Way Down

It's been ridiculously sunny and some of my housemates even managed to burn!
Sorry for the weird gradient of light I didn't realise it until they were on ma mac ): 
It was cloudy but quite warm until the sun suddenly exploded through and hence the one bright photo ): 
whinge, whinge, whinge

Top/Skirt - Topshop
Wedges - Office 


Saturday, 4 May 2013

The most hideous shirt award goes to... OOTD

Today I bring you the most hideous shirt ever, just look at it. SO HIDEOUS.
I just had to have it haha it makes me laugh at least. 
Surprisingly easy to style...
Ha sorry for disappearing but my housemate took my camera to India!

Just look at it oh God it's beautiful.

I just tried to follow the fail proof styling of picking out a colour, but actually the colours on this shirt are actually quite nice it just looks so weird.

Shirt - Topman
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Daisystreet


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be OOTD

 Waddup Brothers/Sisters/Siblings of indeterminable sex 
Wagwan and all that, hope you guys are all good (:
I don't know what it is about dungarees that make me so happy! They just get me all giddy and excited.
Plus I'm wearing a hat with cat ears on it. 


Stud detail on shoulder, by god they're cold on the skin

Hat - Missguided 
T-shirt - Topshop
Dungarees - Primark 
Doc Martens 


Friday, 29 March 2013

I Was Left To My Own Devices OOTD

Sup guyzz, anyone notice it's still freezing? My Mediterranean body can't take it man. 
What is this weather ):
I've gone home for easter and I am already so bored. I guess once you live on your own you can't ever go back to living with your parents! Haha it drives me crazy!
Have a fantastic easter and I will be seeing you shortly (: Just enjoy me being a dickhead (:

Jumper - Charity Store
Skirt - NewLook 
Belt - Primark
Wedge Creepers - NewLook 
Necklace - Accessorize 


Friday, 22 March 2013

Check This Off Your List OOTD

I'm not even going to pretend I have a good reason for disappearing I'm just going to say it involved lots of alcohol and not going home for about a week haha so W I L D.

I love theeeeese shoes man, they're so hideous they're cute, in like a pug kind of way! 
They're made of some shitty Styrofoam so they are a dream to walk in (:
I promise promise promise to update more frequently! I am literally the most unorganised person ):

I've been trying to get clever with layering because I've been in cold denial for so long but I realised the other day that it won't be warm. IT WILL NEVER BE WARM.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Roman Bath's OOTD - Cameo T-shirt

I was meant to go to university today and I even got on the bus but then I accidentally on purpose somewhat ended up in the Roman Baths! 
Studying in Bath is amazing because the city is so pretty (: but for I've just never got round to going to the Roman Baths, but apparently I've had time to hit every club. 

How stunning are the Baths??

The water in the baths is always pumped hot so it steams in the winter, so mystical ^.^
I did a cheeky outfit of the day post as well because I like embarrassing Dave.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What I've Been Up To...in pictures!

I love 'follow me around' style videos and like a day in the life so I've translated it into a blog post (:
(It's basically what I've been up to lately in pictures) 

Partied on a boat in Bristol (;

The best scent in the world, just bury me alive with these please

Monday, 21 January 2013

Alpha Dog OOTD + New hair!

Merry Monday! Uni was cancelled this morning. 
England gets a flake of snow and BAM everything goes to shit! 
None of the buses were running or anything, so stupid! 
Saying that I'd be a bit pissed if I died on a bus on the way to a 9am seminar -.-
Here's what I was going to wear but decided to book another tattoo instead (; As you can see my hair is short! Haha I didn't get it cut per say... just got the ol' extensions taken out.
Boy did I feel bald with 90g less hair on my head! 
I am quite liking the lack of effort my natural hair takes! No more blending hair for me :D

And yessssss the roots are gone! I keep saying I'm gonna let them grow out but I just can not tear myself away from the blonde!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

When the Lights are Out on Every Street

WOW. I have been MIA for almost two months which is just unacceptable! So many deadlines at the same time! You know when everything goes wrong at the same time?
That happened. 

Seriously not in the mood to go to work today, it snowed thursday night meaning I was stranded in Bristol for two nights! Turned out to be a lot of fun though :p 

This isn't what I wore out because that is soaked through from the snow ):
But it's what I'm wearing before I have to trek to work. 


Been obsessed with Urban Outfitters lately, Chloe took me there recently and I was like; WHAAAAAT HOW HAVE I NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME IT WASN'T JUST HIPSTER T-SHIRTS

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