Friday, 9 November 2012

New Look Purchases 'Haul'

Christmas shopping has definitely begun! Obviously with all the deals around it's impossible to resist! After I'd picked out presents for the family I had a bit of me time in New Look ;P Stopped by Marks and Spencer's for my monthly Company magazine and some lemonade because my boyfriend lovingly bought wine but I get drunk off the stuff so easily I need to water it down!

I picked up a few naughty things...

Is it weird me showing you underwear? I don't think it is personally, I love underwear and I am obsessed with luxurious items, let me know what you guys think I don't want to keep weirding you out!

Nude Lace Bra - £11.99
Obsessed is definitely the right word when it comes to lingerie, sexy lingerie just puts an extra spring in your step! (Channeling my inner Victoria Secret angel.)
Matching Undercrackers - £4.99
Soooo comfortable and feel like a sex god(des?) in them. 
Black Silk Lace Bra - £11.99
I have so many pairs of black undercrackers it's always useful to have another black bra!
Grey Cross Jumper - £10
You can never have too many jumpers. 
Purple Cross Jumper - £10
You definitely never have too many jumpers.
Purple Denim Wash Hotpants - £15
I never normally go for NewLook sales but these are a bit hit or miss as to whether they'll fit, but they were so so so pretty I had to risk it!

 See how pretty this jumper is? Only £10 is pretty good! It feels lovely and thick and a jumper is so versatile! 

 I couldn't believe these shorts were in the sale! Size 6 as well! Normally the small sizes go first so I was so happy! If they don't fit I might genuinely have a mental breakdown!



  1. You got so many great things! I have a major underwear addiction. xo

    1. It is a blessing and a curse! xxx

  2. Lovely blog dear!
    Check out mine sometime if you want xx

  3. I love the grey cross jumper! x

    1. Agreed! Definitely a steal at £10 xxx


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