Friday, 30 November 2012

Laced with Poison (OOTN)

Well, well, well, look who's back! I am SO sorry I've disappeared for a week and a bit but I have just been ridiculously busy! I'm in training for a new job which has taken all week but I'm finally finished!! Back to blogging! (It has been a lonesome week without you!)

I've been wearing work uniform pretty much all week so this is the first chance I've had to dress up! It's my house mate's birthday today but unfortunately I can't go out as I'm work for 8 tomorrow ): 

I'm not even sorry you can see my bra, because it's a nice bra. I like it. I put the top on backwards so you could see the bra as I've seen it on a few runways and thought I'd try it! I quite like it for the night but definitely not in the day! 

I'm not sure why this last one came out blurry but shit happens! 
See you all on the otherside of my first shift tomorrow, wish me luck!
Have good non exhausting weekends for me (:

Top - New Look (backwards)
Skirt - New Look 


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