Sunday, 7 October 2012

MUA Heaven & Earth/Starry Night, New Palettes Reviews!

MUA are by far the cheapest and best value for money brand you can buy. I mean, £1 for half their range?? YES PLEASE. So when I saw these babies I was practically shoving people out the way. (Slight over emphasis but one old lady did get a bit roughed up...)

They both retail for £4, yes 4 measly pounds for 12 eyeshadows.Think the Naked palettes but less swanky looking and 1/100th the price. 

The packaging is slightly cheap looking, all plastic and no attempt to make it look less...well, cheap. But for £4 you can't expect everything.  The plus point of cheap plastic? Easy to clean. (I'm looking at you Nars packaging!) Matte black packaging looks posh but gets dirty every time you so much as look at it.

They (unfortunately) come with those stupid double sponge applicators that I haven't used for anything other than filling my bin! Who actually uses those??

Heaven and Earth

12 handy neutrals that would work well on pretty much all skin tones, all 12 have at least some shimmer to them, which means they will sink into wrinkles on more mature skin, I would have liked to have seen at least one matte shadow but because they're shimmers the payoff is pretty damn good for 33p a shadow! Cheap huh?

Starry Night

 Starry night follows pretty much the same suit, all 12 are shimmers, this is definitely a night palette, it think with a white base underneath the fainter of the shadows would be more manageable. My favourite is the charcoal grey, bottom left, it makes a perfect smokey eye blender. 

Conclusion? These are a great little budget buy if you're looking to experiment or go abroad, the shadows have a decent smooth consistency and go on the lid well. However some of the colours (even with shimmer!) fail to show up on my skin at all! So a white base is a must. There's a lot of fall out from the silvers, a lot of glitter face going on. 
But £4 a palette, they have a great feel and a great variety of colours! 

[Swatches were taken in natural lighting without base and a single swatch] 

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